Monday, April 17, 2006

Ghetto Superstar

It's like reverse Trading Places without the point, the humor or the Eddie Murphy.

If the Fugees were Three's Company, he would just be Janet. But give it up for Pras who decided that living on LA's Skid Row for ten days was a good premise for a documentary. It sounds to me like a better hazing task for a reality show or a fraternity in San Fernando Valley.

But the experience definitely gave the guy some insight into Chrissy of the Fugees Lauryn Hill:

"Being down on skid row, I see the difference between someone down there and someone like Lauryn Hill," he says. "The difference, I realized, is all about support systems. If something really bad happens to you, you can go back to your mom or dad. What I realized is, a lot of people don't have those things. That's why they wind up on skid row…. Her behavior, I saw a lot of that in skid row. The irrational way of thinking. Thinking the world's against you."


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