Friday, April 07, 2006

Ralph is a Very Handsome Dog

With some very serious abandonment issues. That makes him clingy, though he might say the same thing about me.

He and his cohort Moko are staying at my place for a couple of nights while their owners' in-laws' dogs are in town for work, i presume.

Ralph is a a psychopath, like most of God's animals. He'll attack a little dog if given the chance.

But don't get me wrong, he's handsome. Dark eyes, white coat, intense yet adorable ears. He could be a dog superstar if not for his scraggly teeth, which I remind him often so he doesn't get a big head.

While he's over I'm been trying to prove something I read wrong. In his book Choice Theory, William Glasser says the humans, whales and porpoises are the only animals who play their whole life.

Not true, I thought. Ralph likes to dance. At least when I force him to dance he looks like he's enjoying it--tongue hanging out his snout, etc.

But I think I'm wrong. At a certain point dogs don't want to play. They want to eat, sleep, hunt and nap which is like sleeping but with their eyes open. The don't want to play dress-up, chase me around tables or listen to riddles. But they will if forced!

Here's a fun Google image search: Ralph Dog.


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