Sunday, July 16, 2006

Focus on Blair

Like the war in the Middle East, the War Against Lisa Whelchel's parenting advice has been raging under the radar for a while now.

Apparently the woman who player Blair, the Stepford member of the Facts of Life cast, wrote a book about her 'Christian' tact for raising a child.

Some examples:

p.22 “All children are born with foolishness bound up in their hearts.” “When we allow our children to determine the outcome of a situation, even subtly, it weakens their trust in us.”
p.25 “I grew up in the South, where I was taught to reply, ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘Yes, ma’am’ when following instruction.”
p.27 “Disobedience comes in many forms, including whining.”
p.28 “Teaching our children to obey us and our words is primarily to teach them to obey God and His Word.” “Because the rules I’m instilling are God’s, I no longer have to respond with ‘Because I’m the mom. That’s why!’ I can calmly tell my kids, ‘Honey, I didn’t make up these rules, God did.”


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Lisa's adviced sounds like good, solid advice. Thanks for sharing it!

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