Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Unconventional Work-Out Playlist #1

If you felt good about yourself, why would you'd ever push yourself to the extremes needed to get a good workout? You wouldn't. You'd just eat Doritos and order Stuffed Buffalo Wings. These songs will seep into the cracks of your self-esteem and break your soul apart. Don't worry, just like your muscles, your spirit will come back stronger and with more definition.

No Name #1 (Album Version) Elliott Smith
"No Name #1" is the first record of series of six "No-Names" that Smith recorded over his career. A steady, sad portrait of diffident loner at a party. Perfect for your dips. Great lyrics include: he got nervous/ started whistling/ every thought a ricochet/ did you notice?/ well i wondered/ what's the worst thing i could say?

The Chain (LP Version) Fleetwood Mac
Listen to the intro. If fucking for Buckingham and Nicks was anywhere as passionate and competitive as harmonizing, I'd love to see a sculpture series about it. This is a pure cardio burner, but no inch of human genitalia is immune to getting goose-bumps from this song. And you know what that means? Add fifteen pounds to your tricep max-out. Guranteed. Best lyric ever? If you don't love me now, you will never love me again.

Motorcycle Drive By Third Eye Blind
Why an obscure Third Eye Blind album cut? Did I lose a bet with a mean older-brother figure. No. I love this song. Opens and ends with dreamy flashbacks. Builds to an effusive climax that finds our hero-- and the inventor of rapping-- Stephane Jenkins screaming, "I've never been so alone/And I've never been so alive." Use this song to turn your crunches into a road trip though a minefield of hot poon, self-aggrandizing and 90s surf rock.

Thanksgiving Grey Jim Yoshii Pileup
Matt Alberti writes, "An intense opus of excruciating father hatred. Nothing pushes you harder. Even if you don't hate your father, this song will show you why you should. 'Push those weights, you little fag!' you'll imagine your personal patriarch saying.

'Well, I'll show YOU dad. I'll show you who's strong. You won't be laughing at me in front of your friends when I'm ripped. More ripped than even my report card that you tore up when you saw I was in dance class. You won't be laughing then, will you? WILL YOU?' "

Elevate Me Later Pavement
Staring at the Sun TV on the Radio
Black Swan Thom Yorke
Planet Telex Radiohead
Phantasies Stephen Malkmus
Peace and Hate The Submarines
What Jail Is Like (LP Version) Afghan Whigs
We Can Work It Out The Beatles
Livin' Thing ELO
World Wide Suicide Pearl Jam
The National Anthem Radiohead
I Was a Lover TV on the Radio
I Wanna Be Your Dog [Previously Unreleased] Uncle Tupelo
The Beatles Daniel Johnston
Black Tambourine Beck
Here Pavement


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