Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Democratic Party's Murderers' Row

When I fantasize about putting together the Democratic Party’s ticket for the presidential election of 2008, I feel the same giddiness that I imagine some New York Yankee managers have tingled with while making out their batting order.

Every week a new Democrat distinguishes herself/himself with a dignified air that suggests a real depth, seriousness and decency. All these qualities and more are required of the person who is saddled with the biblical task of leading this nation after the Presidency of George W. Bush. This is an administration that has appropriated all of the worst mistakes of both the Johnson and Nixon administrations with a vigor that baffles everyone but Karl Rove.

My new draft pick this week is Senator Evan Bayh. He just felt very presidential this morning on ABC's This Week. Like a leadership sorbet. He is a man that can clear the palette of American politics. So Middle-American it almost makes me want to drink a glass of milk.

OK, here are my dream tickets now.

1. President: Al Gore. Vice-President: Barack Obama.
2. President: Hillary Clinton. Vice-President: Evan Bayh.
3. President: John Edwards. Vice-President: Wesley Clark or Colin Powell.
4. President: Barrack Obama. Vice-President: Evan Bayh.
5. President: Al Gore. Vice-President: Anthony Villaraigosa.


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