Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Top Digg of January 10, 2007:
50 Real Photos of the Apple iPhone Up Close - NOT THE KEYNOTE PHOTOS!

At 6:36 PM today this gushing post had 3227 diggs.

The content:
Pictures advertising the new Apple iPhone, which debuted earlier in the day during Steve Job's MacWorld Keynote.

The buzz:
iPhone anything is crazy today, basically emmulating a phenomenon that the first iPod had. Everyone is acting like this technology just didn't exist yet. The desire for this phone is so strong that the bloggysphere is sublimating by making paper replicants that you can print out for free (at work).

Three sites put out their own version of the paper iPhone.
1. Sneakmove (My Favorite)
2. Gizmodo

The thought being, I guess: impress your mom or cubiclemates with how ahead of the curve you are.

My perspective:
Important way to document the day that raised expectations on cell phones forever.

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