Friday, August 03, 2007

Why Rating is a huge innovation in the enjoying of digital media.

As content becomes time-shifted and on-demand the strength of a schedule will no longer be the determining factor in the success of television networks and channels.

Slowly, at first, but surely, always, the unlimited delivery of content will be maximized and streamlined. (Of course, there will be both ad-supported and sponsored models.)

There will certainly be studios and labels that produce content and there will be networks that deliver them.

Netflix has proven that a rewarding delivery system is the most important determining factor in the success of a content delivery system.

When all the content libraries that any DVD rental company offers are virtually the same, the most important factor becomes the ability to provide entertainment seamlessly.

However, the ability to predict what type of media a customer wants to enjoy next is a very difficult process relying on focus groups, limited tests and sponsor response.

Now the brand of a Network is not tied to the media they chose to produce, but rather it is tied to the ability to read their customers minds. The HBO experience of the early 00s will have to be represented in a constant series of satisfying media delivery options on a daily basis.

What rating of media has done has changed the game and made predicting the customer’s next choice possible.