Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Three Scariest Things About America in November of 2007

1. We may attack Iran.
An administration who has a history of trumping up charges to launch a(n) (ironically) strategic war, seems to be up to its old tricks.

2. 9/11 Truth Movement
Like the last episode of the Sopranos, 9/11 has turn many Americans into warbling professors. Suddenly Joe the IT specialist knows everything there is to know about the physics of large-scale demolition. I understand why people are suspicious (see my #1 and World Trade 7) but c'mon people. Do you really think this administration could pull that kind of ruse off? They barely stole Florida.

3. Hillary Hatred
I'm very tempted to call the Hillary haters misogynists. But I'm not. Yet. However, when perfectly logical people are spouting Fox News talking points about Hillary, the deeper bias of this kind of anger suggests a serious anxiety about gender and power issues. What really bugs me is that there is a justified air to the way that Hillary is hated. In the tone I hear people thinking, "I know why she deserves to be hated and if you don't the you are just being blind." I like Hillary. I think here is a woman who fights tooth and nail every minute of her life to empowering working class people. What are the crimes? She's not as clean as Romney, but Romney is a Simpsons character, a mix of the Mayor and Flanders. But she less shady than McCain on the S&Ls, Giuliani with his marriages and maybe even Edwards with his ridiculously pious doublespeak. She's a damn good politician whose agenda reflects the views of most of the American public. She's never done anything to you. So relax, buddy. We'll be fine with a woman in charge. Direct your anger toward the men who might deserve it, like Rove and Bush or Cheney. I can understand why you might hate them.