Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Real World- Key West!

I don’t trust myself. One day I’m going to miss a season of the Real World and it will be over. I’ll have lost touch with the kids. It almost happened, I’ll tell you. I missed Real World- New York Part II. I’ve come to know some of the cast members through the Gauntlets I-III and The Challenges, but it isn’t the same. Then it’s all vaudeville. No context.

The Real World— as lame as it is— is the best indication how dumb, white or very white acting happy college-aged kids are living right now. HANDS DOWN.

So I am SO with this new season in Key West. The series continues it’s Forrest Gump-like interaction with the biggest news stories of our time. First it had the first openly gay person ever, Pedro, on the show. Too bad he had the AIDS. Then they were actually filming in Chicago when 9/11 happened. We got to see those kids watch the whole thing on TV. Now they move into Key West right as Katrina hits the Gulf Coast. They had to spend hours alone in their hotels before they could be safely transported to their beachside villa/manor.

One girl has anorexia, which I am predicting along with the terms IED and Lazy Sunday will be the most popular new dictionary terms of 2006.

One person of skin color owns homes and he’s young AND goes clubbing.

Then there is a Jewish guy who is actually very attractive.

Good looking out, MTV. I depend on you.


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