Thursday, July 20, 2006

Help Us, Mr. President

There’s a strange thing going on when adult humans meet today.

I imagine it’s a tiny bit like when Nazi Germany was hitting its stride or Marge Schott owned the Cincinnati Reds. You aren’t sure if someone you're meeting realizes that something completely aberrationaly insane is going on with our government. And every once in a while you meet someone who doesn’t seem insane on the surface, yet they still support George W. Bush. I test it out by saying something like, “Isn’t it weird that someone who knows the oil industry so well hasn’t been able to help us at all with these gas prices?” When they say something about Anwar or Sand-niggers, I just nod and smile and move on to the Clay Aiken jokes.

With the accused and proven guilt of his associates—Tom DeLay, Ken Lay, Jack Abramoff, Scooter Libby—and Bush doing weird things— like massaging the German Chancellor in public and vetoing maybe the most decent Congressional legislation in years—everyone is starting to get it. Bush sucks as a President. And I’m not able to pretend anymore that I don’t think his supporters are part of a conspiracy of fools so caught up in American-style success that they can’t see what an abomination this administration is to true patriotism.

But that’s not fair. It’s just my truth. Not THE truth. I just aspire to be right. I’ve given up clinging to it.

So in the interest of being open-minded and somewhat American, I am going to make a public appeal to George W. Bush that will help bridge the gap between the people who got scared into voting for him and the decent people of this country.

Mr. President. First, congratulations on Tony Snow. He actually seems like a Simpsons character come to life and makes the news much more enjoyable. It’s kind of like your own Colbert Report.

Hey, but seriously could you do me a favor? From now on--since you don’t really have to worry about being reelected or getting any job ever-- when you look at a bill or a situation in the world think about the people of this country who are already suffering.

Don’t just see the 1% chance that we may be attacked from every different angle.

See the mothers who are dying of diseases like Parkinson’s and Cancer. Realize that since man most likely created these diseases it is our obligation to work to eradicate them.

See the young adults who went to bad schools and are trying to get a college education but can barely afford gas.

Don’t just see the millionaire farmers who can’t pass their legacy on to their kids because of the Estate Tax.

See the millions of farmers who could have decent, promising careers if we immediately moved to 100% flex-fuel compatibility for all cars built in America.

Don’t just see the oil companies whose financial security has built this country into the world’s true superpower.

See the technology sector that will take us into the true information age, when connectivity doesn’t just give us more productivity. It brings us more peace.

Help us, Mr. President.

Help the people who commit themselves everyday to their routine American Dream. The people who pay taxes, do not commit crimes (or at least have the decency to not get caught) and dream of houses, communities, cities, states and a nation that we can be proud us. Help us and do what you can to make life better today. Not just for the people who elected you. But for all Americans.


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