Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Met Hasselhoff Once

When I found out that they were filming an episode of Knight Rider down the street from my house, it was like Hercules was in town filming a Hercules movie. KIT and Michael Knight were that important to us and our safety and the war against the bad guys. (Bizarrely enough, I believe Gary Coleman was there. A guest star.) Anyway, Hoffy was very nice and I remember hearing that he was a big fan of the ladies, even the little ones. Anything he did was news.

It finally seems like the Hoff is finally getting his due attention from the world. This man is a real-live 80s celebrity. He's pre-irony and so sincere that you actually believe that the car can talk. This is a man who makes waves everywhere he goes, and I'm glad I'm finally getting some of The Hoff Surf Report that I crave so bad.


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