Monday, July 31, 2006

Response to Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic Behavior

I’m not going to write about Mel Gibson's recent ranting against the Jews during his arrest for DUI; The anti-semitic behavior I'm interested is his film the Passion of the Christ.

When the film wash released, Gibson negated the history of the use of passion plays to incite people against Jews during the Middle Ages and on. He also dismissed any charges that his film was a provocation against the Jews.

I saw the Passion. It’s a startling film that vividly portrays pain and vilification of a human being on an epic level. It in no way made an argument for divinity or understanding. Nor did it show the many good qualities of the Jews like humor and Sandy Koufax. Basically, it was the sickening treatment of a human being. Something that has happened over and over throughout human history. Something that is despicable, no matter the perpetrators or victims.

If suffering violence nobly is the mostly Godly act in the world, then I’d like to be as little like God as possible. As far as the genius and liberating thought of the historical Jesus, it was almost completely absent in the film-- except when Jesus created the world’s first bar stool, to the amazement of Mary. Also absent was the ranting against homosexuality that must have taken up most of Jesus’ time, based on the passions of his followers.

In summation, The Passion of the Christ was offensive.

Gibson’s recent arrest is simply a comic revelation of the true intentions behind the film.


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