Sunday, July 09, 2006

Superfluous Voyeurism

One of my favorite guilty pleasures of the web is a good blog written by an effusively honest person. Superfluous Juxtaposition is just such a treat. Written by a single Jewish gal in LA who is relentlessly pursuing love through Jdate, this blog is as usually as sincere as a blush.

Today is great example of what I love about peeking into the lives of people I'd probably never want to know. The author is on her third date with a male Jdater, whom she proudly describes as 'normal'. They dine, walk, play air hockey. "But when he leaned in and kissed me goodbye I felt absolutely nothing. Not a thing."

Nine comments follow her post. Her friends support her lack of interest. A typical response, "May he be normal, cute, smart, and most importantly, may there be chemistry!"

Eight straight no votes for the normal guy. All hope is lost until Mom weighs in. How do I know it's Mom? That's the name used on the comment, "MOM." The bit of wisdom from the matriarch?

Sorry Hil, but I disagree with you and all the above comments. A really nice guy deserves more of your time. Often the chemistry comes when you learn more about the guy. When you find out more about him and what makes him tick, the chemistry will possibly develop. Your Dad and I did not feel chemistry at the beginningÂ…actually, not until we got to know each other. And, as you know, we dated 2 years, engaged 1 year and married 37!!! It can happen that way too. When you fall in love with the insideÂ…the outside chemistry will come!!! MOM

That's the modern conflict of feminity, as I see it. The 'feelings' mentality of young generation versus the 'investment' mentality of the older. I like to imagine that's the war going on in the mind of the writer herself. The superego of Mom wrestling with her Id who needs fireworks. Not those same boring ones that rain down every year. New fireworks that explode unimaginable ways.

As I read it, I like to see myself there with her. Always whispering, "Keep going. Write it all down. But MORE details!"


Blogger Hilary said...

More details? That's a whole other blog struggle. How much is too much to put out there?

Thanks for reading!

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