Friday, October 06, 2006

How Gross is the Foley Scandal?

Over the last few days there's been a lot of discussion about whether Mark Foley committed a real crime. The age of consent is sixteen in Washington DC. Or if he is really a pedophile at all since he didn't have actual sex with kids?

Based on the dictionary definition, a pedophile is anyone sexually attracted to children. So we are all pedophiles to some degree. On Kinsey's scale of Sexual Orientation of one to five, most normal people rate between a one and a two, if we can see sexuality in kids at all. Maybe Foley is only a four since he hasn't transgressed to kidsex. But still, is that an appropriate way to behave with kids (or anyone) you are responsible for educating? Of course not.

To get a real sense of how inappropriate Foley was, you have to listen to the Juan Johnson's transcript of Foley's sexual chat with a minor as acted out by two cute girls (above). Maybe if you do, you might give Foley his five.


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