Friday, September 01, 2006

Don't Forget How the Iraq War Ended

Do you remember the Iraq War and how abysmal the future was before the Democratic landslide of fall of 06? Now the prospect of a never-ending ground war in Asia may seem as absurd in Iraq as it did in Vietnam or the premise that one terrorist attack was enough to threaten the daily security of 260 million Americans. But yes, pals, it really was the Conventional Wisdom in that heat-stroked summer.

What changed it? Or who?

Well, I don’t have to remind you who did it, but it is humorous to recall that some thought it would be Neil Young, Mariah, Nelly or even the corpulent Rick Ross—who is getting serious Oscar buzz for his portrayal of Suge Night in this spring’s release of Steven Spielberg’s Ruthless.

No. No. No. No!

It was through the funhouse mirror of Just Butts that America saw it’s soul on a cross or tied to a railway or deteriorating like the sales of CDs.

You may forget that how the song came straight off of Myspace to local ‘Jeep Bumps’ in across America. But it took Gideo Yago of MTV News doing the piece about the ‘Jeep Bump’ at Arby’s on Sepulveda Blvd in the San Fernando Valley to recognize the moral imperative crystallized in Just Butt’s “Boo-Freaking-Hoo.”

Some say Yago responded to the last line before the second and final chorus, “If God sent us to war, then what kind of fucking example are we fighting for?” Some say it was blogger Michelle Malkin’s deliciously evil response to the suicides of men detained at Guantanamo Bay, “Boo freaking hoo.” Some say Yago chuckled when he realized that even Bill O’Reilly couldn’t endorse that absurd inhumanity.

But I say it was the seventeen-year-old boy who’s Jeep was bumping “Boo-Freaking-Hoo” that made Yago’s appendages perk. Whatever it was,

thank GOD


Boo Freaking Hoo


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