Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Got Crowdsourced!

Actually, I would really appreciate some help.

I just got a bunch of pages of a manuscript I'm working on back from my teacher.

His biggest notes:

1. Go faster in the dull parts.

2. Amp up the love story between the two narrators, a boy, 12, and a gal, 14.

I agree with him. The love story the spine of the story and the thing everyone
wants to see played out, if done correctly.

One of my original intentions in this story was to depict that sweet pining that teens obsess over during a crush. Then ultimately the overwhelming awe
when it gets consummated or at least consummated with a kiss.

This would have been easy to write when I was teaching high school. Observing puppy love when I was smitten myself made me romantic enough to write a Bay City Rollers or Tiffany song.

Here's where you come in.

Would you

A. Share any stories from your (mostly pre-seriously libidinous) childhood about being so taken with someone that you eventually got close with. In the comments or in private?

B. Recommend movies or books that depict the magic well?

I need to be able to summon the feeling to write it.

Please help me write something that will never be read unless I become a notorious criminal or accidentally solve the Da Vinci code.


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