Friday, November 24, 2006

Krauthammer: Jews, You've Got It
Too Good in America

To Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer the popularity of Borat is, "an unintentionally revealing demonstration of the unfortunate attitude many liberal Jews have toward working-class American Christians, especially evangelicals."

To Krauthammer, the subtle, seething Anti-Semitism that Borat discovers in America isn't an issue to be addressed. Truman and Nixon made Jew jokes, but they helped Israel!

Dear Krauty,

The subtle yet seething Anti-Semitism that Borat casually discovers is crucial to understanding how democracy actually works. And not because it's about the Jews or Jews laughing at Christians. When people in America are quick to attack any minority group--when it's made kosher by context, in this case an oblivious foreigner--we have to look at the rusty hinges that can burst the door off a civil democracy.

America is obviously the best country in the world for Jews. So does that mean we should blend in and not make trouble just because there aren't weekly synagogue burnings?

The Jew's instinct to comedy is one of the most vital elements in American thought and an aspect of our culture that makes the societies that accept Jews the most vibrant and livable places in the world.

The fact that most of the people who bought ticket to Borat are probably working-class Christians should tell you that no culture in unitary in its beliefs. Maybe your generation doesn't understand how silly and humorous the prejudices of the past seem. But believe me, it makes me smile every time when I imagine sour-faced critics like you getting angry rather than enjoying Richard Pyror explaining whiteness to us, Carol O'Connor justifying good-American bigotry or Borat getting people to sing about throwing Jews down the well.

If it's OK for Truman and Nixon to make Jew jokes, it's fine for us to make hillbilly jokes as long as we help America, right? And believe me, Borat is much better for America than your sour, trite BS.


Valley Jew


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