Sunday, June 03, 2007

Live Blogging the Democratic Presidential Debate

4:01 Wolf Blitzer's Beard Looks Sharp.
He kisses the asses of the New Hampshire voters so our future president doesn't have.

4:04 Short Introductions

Gravel seems a bit crazy. Edwards and Clinton simple. Kucinich looks like a CGI character.

4:05 First Question-- Obama
No props to Bush Administration for busting the JFK terror plot. Very stop/start delivery. Wolf forces Obama to find a good thing about the Bush anti-terror effort. He says they do a nice job fighting the financial networks.

4:06 Respond to "War on Terror" Bumper Sticker Comment, Mr. Edwards
Defends his comments and connects it to everything from Abu Graif to Guantanamo and Paris Hilton.

4:07 Wolf Asks Kucinich if He is Tough Enough
The little guy quotes Ben Franklin and wants us to "reconnect to our deeper sense of self".

4:09 Mr. Biden, Why Did Senators Clinton, Dodd and Obama Vote to Not Fund the War?
Says it's about "the truth". Bush hasn't been telling the truth. He is. Goes on to tell a bunch of statistics about votes and Senate stuff. Finishes with "Some things are worth losing elections over."

4:11 Are You Playing Politics With Your War Vote, Mrs. Clinton?
It was time to say "enough is enough". The best way to support the troops to bring them home. Attacks all the Republicans as "for the President's war."

4:12 And You, Mr. Obama?
"Everyone supports the troops." Mentions Bush's Korea analogy without saying if he agrees or disagrees with a lingering presence.

4:13 How Are You Any Different than Your Colleagues, Mr. Edwards?
I was consistently against this vote. Senator Clinton and Senator Obama did not show "leadership".

4:14 Obama Defends Himself
Calls Edwards four and half years late on being against the war. SLAM.

4:15 Hilary Defends
This is George Bush's War. "We are trying to end the war." She has a three-step plan. Again, she clarifies the differences are slight between Democrats while there is a huge difference with the Republicans.

4:17 Dodd Thanks Edwards for His Compliment
So Senatorial! He goes on to make a speech perfect for for CSPAN 7 or Old Grumpy Men 4.

4:18 Richardson Talks
Sounds calm. Calls Iraq War a Civil War. Gives his de-authorization plan. NO RESIDUAL FORCES.

4:19 Wolf Pulls Out the Genocide Card!

4:19 Richards Takes an Anti-Genocide Stand!
The crowd gasps! "Our soldiers have become targets!"

4:20 Gravel Drops the Hammer
This is George Bush's War AND the Democrats War. Compares the Iraq Genocide Card to the Domino Theory Card.

4:21 Mr. Kucinich, Did We Fight For Nothing?
There's a teachable moment here, The Democrats won to end the war. No more money for war. War is Over if the Democrats want it!

4:22 Biden Sticks to His "Truth" Theme.
He'll tell you the truth AGAIN. We (Democrats) need 67 votes in the Senate to end this war. We don't have them! The only one who has emboldened the enemy: George W. Bush!

4:23 Mrs. Clinton, Please Apologize for Supporting the War and Not Reading the National Intelligence Estimate.
"I was thoroughly briefed." She talked to EVERYONE (her husband) about it. "What I didn't count on..." was that Bush would not let the inspectors do their job. Our troops did the job. The Iraqis have failed not us!

4:24 Mr. Edwards, You?
I knew enough, he says. And now I know I was wrong. Mr. Obama was right. Slight applause.

4:25 Mr. Obama, Does Voting for the War Disqualify Someone from Being President?
Nah, dog. But I saw through Bush from the beginning. We cannot throw our troops at a Civil War. We need to get back to Afghanistan.