Monday, August 06, 2007

There Will Not Be a Clinton/Obama Ticket

You would think Newt Gingrich would understand the Clintons better after tussling with them for most of the 1990s. But when Newt-- in the middle of his "I Know Everything Tour '07"-- predicted a Clinton/Obama ticket for the Democrats, I realized that Newt don't know jack about Bill and Hillary.

Hillary's reference to Barack Obama's statement that he would meet with our enemies in the first year of his administration as "irresponsible and, frankly, naive" revealed her true feelings about the junior Senator from Illinois. Obama is not a Clinton Democrat.

Frankly, I don't think the Clintons do not like people who oppose them directly as Obama is doing every day on the campaign trail. Remember this: Gore ran in 88 but not 92. He had no record of disagreeing with Bill on anything specific.

And yes, I think this rules both Obama and Bill Richardson off a Clinton ticket. Though, Richardson stands a slight chance if he can avoid any major disagreements.

If Hillary wins the nod, look for her to chose someone like General Wesley Clark, someone whom she knows well from her days in the White House. He's strong on defense and, more importantly, someone who never dared to run against her.

That's this Jew's opinion.