Friday, November 03, 2006

Highlight from My Favorite Message Board

"Hi Howard. I am writing this in the hopes that you'll read this, as I'm only trying to be helpful.

I noticed that when discussing sexual proclivities with a female guest, you make this faux pas. "When discussing anal sex, you ask if the woman in question wether her man gives her anal sex. That would mean that SHE is fucking her MAN with a strap on! after all, Her man doesn't give Her pussy, she gives the pussy to her man. He doesn't give HER a blowjob, she gives Him a blow job, get it? Although He can give it TO her in the ass, but if he gives her anal, it's the other way around, you dig?

P.S. the show has NEVER been better, God doesn't exist, Artie, clean up your fucking act, Howard, Robin, Fred, Artie, Gary, Richard - You all RULE!, Ralph, Sal and Ronnie- got take a ridethrough Harlem in a convertible at night yelling "Nigger", and JD, stop being a wishy-washy cunt & get laid already!

Arevederchi, Cocksucker!!
PS. "

These and more grammatical atrocities on SternFanNetwork.


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