Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Microsoft Zune: Rewarding Sharing or Spamming

The wireless sharing capabilities of Microsoft's new Zune are the secret weapons or hollow-tips that will turn MS's first digital media player into an iPod-killer.

Now comes the news that users will be rewarded for sharing songs with free downloaded content. A potentially genius move that works against the lack of tangibility and ownership that's inherent in DRM media. Will this lead to obnoxious spamming or just promote the natural ear-to-ear distribution, which is the real way music spreads.

Either way it's another true innovation. And that's the way you beat a product that's as well-crafted and fervently embraced as the iPod.

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Blogger jeff said...

Has anyone ever received spam from bands on myspace? (rhetorical)

1:12 PM  
Blogger sam biguity said...

Yeah. Looks like the Zune isn't selling much yet at all.

11:22 AM  

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