Friday, August 10, 2007

New Term: John Mayered on Best Week Ever

If you watch this clip, I think you'll understand my point without reading a word.

But to explain: You know the term "Jumped the Shark," which has come to signify the point when a popular piece of entertainment stops being good.

Well, we need a new term to describe when a piece of Internet culture has reached the point of maximum saturation and is no longer funny or weird. You can define that point when you see anything from Internet on national TV, when your mom or anyone on AOL links you to something that was cool to you a few minutes/days/weeks ago or when John Mayer references it on VH1's Best Week Ever.

The combination of John Mayer, whose music defines the genre of Deucherock, and Best Week Ever, which is the most consistently unfunny basic cable show since You Can't Do That On Television, which, at least, had the excuse of being Canadian and targeted towards nine-year olds, is too much for any viral piece of content.

So, you've all heard "Chocolate Rain" by now.

It's officially been "John Mayered on Best Week Ever." Let's move on; the whole thing seemed vaguely racist to me, anyway.