Friday, January 27, 2006

Beam Your Living Room to the Last Generation of Fan Obsession

If you are rich and you love Star Trek, I guess you deserve this ultimate expression of your desire to be the blond captain amidst your colonized colleagues.

The Home Bridge Theater blends a late 1960s view of what the 23rd century would be like a creepy Silver Spoons vibe.

The creator says, “The Bridge was built on a very modest budget. I was able to reuse some audio equipment I already had available to keep costs manageable (sic). I chose economical components from well (sic) known manufacturers to ensure decent performance yet stay within budget. Over time, I hope to upgrade most of the components as funds and desire permits.”

Go for it, Dad.


Blogger Halfway said...

Boy, somebody needs to give Paul Sorvino some more work. I'm looking at you, Scorcese.

2:56 PM  

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