Saturday, January 28, 2006

Want to Understand Hamas' Victory in Palestinian Elections?
See Munich.

Vengeance is mine; I will repay- Romans 12:19

The amazing thing about true patriotism is that it turns a people into one. A family where every injury is repaid with disregard for the humanity of whomever committed that injury. At once it shows the most noble and ignoble instincts of humanity.

The amazing thing about religion is it does the same thing, and it infects it with the will of God. A God that is more than a deity, but a past, present and future of a meaning to suffering.

I cannot imagine looking at the situation in the Middle East with any exact sense of what is right and what is wrong. And that's exactly how Steven Spielberg's film portrays the terrorist acts committed in Munich and their aftermath. People struggle internally and externally with their interpretation of right and wrong in a setting where the fixed sense of God's will wants is pathologically present in conflict with all the crosses, the moons and stars. All the beautiful human expressions of faith that emerged from the area.

As a Jew, I cannot help but pray for the continuation of the Jewish state. As a Jew, I cannot help but pray for a just existence for all men, women and children. For a long time, I delayed from learning the stories of the Arabs in the region. I guess I believed what I was told. The Palestinians didn't exist or have their volition until the Jews took power.

The movie Munich told me that that was my greatest mistake. Beyond patriotism, beyond religion, Munich documents what I should have known from the beginning. We are all one. And when we deny that truth we become patriots, or we become religious, but we stop being human.


Blogger Palestinian Princess said...

I'm kinda not sure on your stance of things, but I think you are like me. I'm a Palestinian and I just hope that everyone gets what they need - PEACE.

I want peace of mind, to be able to walk out of my front door and go to Ramallah to have some food at the delicious Darna Restaurant without being stopped by an Israeli soldier and questioned for an hour about my life and what I want to do that day. I just want to pass the checkpoints, no actually I don't want check points...

Anyway, as a Christian when I go to Jerusalem, I am in awe of the beautiful churches and the history of my religion, and when I visit the Dome of the Rock I again am taken in awe of all the people who gather to pray together, but I haven't had a chance to enter the wailing wall, the only area of Jerusalem I am not allowed because I hold a Palestinian ID, the funny thing is, when my friend from the states, a muslim palestinian came to visit, she was just let through to see it, lol...

The world is one freaky ass place and I wish all this predijuce would disappear...

Anywho great blog!

5:56 AM  

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