Thursday, January 31, 2008

That JFK's daughter endorsed Barrack

and three of Bobby Kennedy's kids are endorsing Hillary points our the interesting thing about this race. Metaphorically, it's JFK v. Bobby.

And I'm a Bobby man.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

He’s Black

Last night in my three-hour long English class, the subject turned to the elections.

I tried to solicit the students’ thoughts about the race, just to see what permeates to them through the blogonewsophere.

Someone said, “I’ve heard that Bill Clinton has been saying really bad things about Obama.”

“What’s he been saying?” I asked.

The student said he didn’t know.

Another student, Jeb, who is black, recalcitrant and pretty ridiculously funny (a reliable Chris Tucker impression always kills), said, “I know what he’s been saying.”

Jeb got up to the board.

Jeb makes me nervous. You never know what he’ll do or say for a laugh.

But right then, he just grabbed a piece of chalk and said, “This is what Clinton has been saying about Obama.”

And he wrote: He’s black.


He’s exactly right. It was almost a relief that the subtlety of all this isn’t lost on a smart if edgy guy like Jeb.

That’s what Bill Clinton’s crime is: He’s been pointing out that Obama is black.

And in the same bassackwards way Bill Clinton made us more honest about sex, he’s forced us to become more honest about race.

Why can’t we mention that Obama’s so-called race? Obama does. It’s a theme of his campaign: Race is another false and arbitrary division.

And what Clinton is saying that it really isn’t. And you know what, it really isn’t.

It’s a painful and horrible reality, but this is not a colorblind society. We are a classist society built on a history of racism that seeps into our every day life.

Obama may want to transcend race, or he may just want to ignore it and make it an American issue. I like that idea, but I need practicalities. How are you going to improve lives for the disproportionate amount of black people who are underserved by educational system then locked up by our penal system? I want to know.

Also, the great story of this race is the way that gender is being ignored while sexism pervades the discourse.

People discuss whether Obama is black enough. But the implicit arguments about Hillary are A) she’s not woman enough or B) she’s too much of a woman.

While her husband gets criticized for not acting the role of a good wife, Hillary is trounced by talkradio types everywhere for being shrill, bitchy, even cunty. They may not use those words all time. But you can hear it in their voice. The Hillary hatred in this country is a hatred of a strong woman. It’s too personal. Too strong.

It’s not women, you say. It’s that woman.

And even right there, you’re pointing out the sad truth of this whole stupid game:

We all look stupid when let our prejudices speak for us.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shouldn't Bill Clinton Be Acting Just Like a Woman?

When Bill Kristol makes a decent point, it hurts my brain.

That’s what happened this morning when I found myself agreeing with the soulless pundit who has become the spokesman for the Dark Side of the Neo-Conservative movement.

On this morning's Fox News Sunday, Kristol decided he had to shed some light on the race for the nomination of the Democratic party. In the duplicitous, comic manner of an associate of Voldemort, Kristol took a break from his usual pontificating on how the only thing that’s going to save us from terrorism is a Capital Gains tax cut named in honor of our invasion of Iran to defend poor Barrack Obama.

If you know Kristol, you know that the only thing he hates more than he loves the idea of the Messiah ruling over Jersusalem is the Clintons. That’s because the Clintons spent most of the 90s kicking his chicken-hawking ass.

When Kristol and the Keystone Cons couldn’t defeat Clinton’s policies, they constantly cast aspersions on his personal finances. When that didn’t work, they went after Bill and Hillary's personal life. Thusly handcuffing the President of the United States as Al Qaeda festered.

Now Kristol is Barrack Obama’s biggest fan.

You’d think Barrack was running on the nuclear power and tax credits for the rich to solve Global Warming platform.

But the sad truth is that Kristol thinks he can beat Obama.

That’s my opinion. If you think Kristol really just likes Obama and wants a fair election where a Progressive candidate can prosper then you probably think 3,000 old Jews in Palm Beach voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000.

But even a withered cock can eventually point north on occasion.

And Bill Kristol was right when he said that Bill Clinton comparing Obama winning South Carolina to Jesse Jackson winning the primary in 1984 and 1988 had some racial overtones that were inappropriate.

It’s true. Clinton is ostensibly playing the race card. He’s also doing it a subtle way that undermines Obama’s campaign. Obama needs to be seen as the black candidate who doesn’t want to relive the battles of civil rights. The polar opposite of a Jesse Jackson. Shelby Steele argues that this concession is necessary for mass acceptance of a black figure like Obama or Oprah.

Agreeing with Kristol really irked me.

Especially because he went on to upbraid Clinton’s morals. That BS worked in the 90s before the Neo-Cons sent our young men and women to fight a very questionable, Vietnam-like war in Iraq.

Now we know the corrupt logic necessary to believe that the values of sexual morality even compare to the morality of life and death.

So, Bill Clinton should explain himself.

And the people who think that connecting Obama to Jackson should explain what’s so offensive about Clinton making the connection.

If these critics argue race should simply not be an issue, they are making the same corrupt bargain of the Clarence Thomases. They are pretending that the hangover from the racial turmoil of our past is over.

The most troubling conclusion about my Bill Kristol-headache is the subtle sexism of the Clinton criticism. The unanimous complaints about Bill Clinton's comments from both the Right and the Left come from the Old School world where a spouse should be quiet and look pretty because she didn’t have a penis.

These were the same complaints lodged against Hillary in 1992.

Now that we have a spouse with a penis, the argument Bill Kristol makes is that Bill Clinton is demeaning the position of an ex-president.

Demeaning the office more than an Administration that lied over 500 times while leading us to war?

I’d say, “How dare you, Bill Kristol?”

But how many times can you ask that question.

Bill Clinton is his own man and an advocate of his wife. He is free to participate in the debate the same way the wives of candidates can chose to participate.

Let’s give up the wifely, prim and proper expectations of sexism and recognize that true nature of Bill Kristol’s unjustified outrage. He can’t stand another decade of the Democrats helping the poor, evening the playing field and progressively working for peace across the globe.

Basically, he can’t stand to face another Clinton because he knows he’ll lose.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

IM Battle #453b

CodeVIP: back
CodeVIP: playing with linux
Small Doses: that's the nerdiest name for your cock ever

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Top 5 Emcees

1. Chuck D
2. Early Snoop
3. Notorious B.I.G.
4. Rakim
5. Cee Lo/Jay Z

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Worrier’s Almanac

In this first edition of The Worrier’s Almanac I assuage you of all concerns pertaining to the following persistent anxieties: Destiny, Money, Death, Seeing There Will Be Blood Twice, Hillary Clinton, Cold Weather, Being Fat, Everybody Hating You, Traffic, Fidelity, Grammar, Office Politics, Nice People, Bulimia, The Success of Friends, etc.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

This all takes place right after Columbine...

Short long fiction about a young teacher and how crazy people get after tragedies like Columbine and 9/11.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Getting Stuck with Obama

The great thing about being a Democrat right now is that even if your girl loses, you get to have Barack Obama as your nominee.

Imagine facing the prospect of getting stuck with Giuliani or Romney. Gross.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Things You Should Thank Jews For

1. Dollar Menus
2. Bargain Matinees
3. Amateur Porn
4. Natalie Portman
5. Jesus