Friday, June 08, 2007

The Meaning Behind the Joy About Paris Going Back to Jail

The strangest thing about Paris Hilton being sent back to jail is how right it is.

A friend of mine, who is rarely happy about any event in the world of pop, said, "The world just self-corrected."

I'd argue that if Karl Rove also spent this Friday morning in a courtroom crying for his mom, the world might be perfect right now.

What is especially strange about how right Paris being sent back to jail for 45 days is that for a while I'd been convinced there was no such thing as Karma. In the reality-created world of the last six years, I've often felt like our lives had been taken over by a Joe Millionaire/ Vince-McMahon/ WWE-type logic where motivations are so clearly obvious that the only goal of the whole shitty endeavor was to keep idiots tuning in.

I don't know if Paris' incarceration restores my faith in justice or anything larger then a shared animosity toward a blond who has her own secret language to make fun of people who are poorer than her. Perhaps, this is just like the movie Carrie but we plebes are getting revenge on the Prom Queen.

Or perhaps this is a sign that people are tired of making excuses for the over privileged just because we'd like to be over privileged one day ourselves. Perhaps we will now value some sort of accountability for ourselves and others. Or maybe we'll just find some other villain to cheer into success. Whatever happens, I think 45 days in prison will do Paris well.

I'm working on a list a books she should read to help her understand why her mommy can't always save her.